Numa’s Ancilia?

Arachne Entry

From Logeion:

BUT what of the PAV… could it be from this:


Arachne Link

Another impression of same (?) gem:

Louvre: “Florence : Musée archéologique – N° inv. 14400.Intaille – Sardonyx”

Update 6-2-21:

Now I know why those shields were tickling my numismatic brain:

Update 1-25-22:

Same gem as above? seems likely. I wonder if inscription is legible on actual artifact. Source.

1 thought on “Numa’s Ancilia?”

  1. […] The cataloger for MZ 194 describes the reverse control mark as crossed shields and a helmet and thus as attributes of the Salii, armed priests who dance for Mars. This seems plausible but not certain. I’d like to see more crossed shields. I’m also interested if this is the cataloger’s original proposal or if it has been proposed else where. Other possibly Salii related images on the Blog. […]

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