Flash Conference – 3

Still from Star Trek: The Original Series, ep. 2.2, “Who Mourns for Adonais?”. Image rights not established.

Greek and Roman Myth and Science Fiction

Friday, March 12, 2021


A THIRD flash conference organized by Marian Makins and Liv Mariah Yarrow. This was inspired by the work of both to support the SCS-WCC Covid-19 Relief Fund (donate today!) as well as Makins’ teaching and research which investigates and celebrates the intersection of mythologies and science fiction, broadly defined.

Form to Register

Participant Bios; Abstracts and Handouts; Videos, Chat Log, Slides

Its a pandemic and for many of us this week marks a full year of precautions and isolation. Like everything else right now, this schedule may change right up until the last moment. We want to be as flexible and understanding with our speakers as possible. Recordings of these sessions will be made available to registered participants for one week following the event via a YouTube unlisted url.

  • Session One
    • Start: 8.30 am LA, 11.30 NYC, 4.30 pm LON, 5.30 Berlin
    • End: 9.45 am LA, 12.45 pm NYC, 5.45 LON, 6.45 Berlin
    • 15 minute comfort break
  • Session Two
    • End: 11.15 am LA, 2.15 pm NYC, 7.15 LON, 8.15 Berlin
    • 15 minute comfort break
  • Session Three
    • Start: 11.30 am LA, 2.30 pm NYC, 7.30 LON, 8.30 Berlin
      • Marian Makins, “Pan Is Dead, Long Live Pan: A Mutant Myth in Roger Zelazny’s This Immortal”
      • Jesse Weiner, “Gods, Monsters, and Posthumanity in Dan SimmonsIlium and Olympos
      • Kira Jones, “Between Medusa and Savathûn: Mythic Echoes in the Lore of Destiny 2
      • Amy Pistone, “Slayer of the Argos Initiative: Classical Allusions in Westworld”
    • End: 1 pm LA, 4 NYC, 9 LON, 10 Berlin

Marian Makins, contact: m.w.makins [at] temple [dot] edu

Liv Mariah Yarrow, contact: yarrow [at] brooklyn [dot] cuny [dot] edu


Presentations of no more than 10 minutes by scholars interested in the topic who have self-nominated to present, followed by cross talk open discussion. If a disproportionate number of self nominated presenters are men, women presenters will be recruited.  More than half of each session will be dedicated to discussion. Format will evolve to accommodate and include disabled participants.


(1) KEEP TO TIME; (2) translate and gloss liberally: assume not everyone participating has read what you’ve read or is necessarily ‘up’ on terms of the debate; (3) defer to those whose voices might get lost in the conversation; (4) attempt to achieve culture-gender balance in the scholarship you use to prepare and which informs your conversation; (5) be as transparent as possible about the question(s) you are trying to answer and any particular type of questions you’d like to pose to the group; consider pre-circulating these by sharing with host for posting on this website; (6) pre-circulate any primary evidence (with translations) that will be key to you presentation by sharing with host for posting on this website, all images should have descriptors (Alt Text, and/or captions) to make content accessible to visual impaired participants (organizers are happy to support the development of this and welcome suggested improvements); (7) enter Zoom with video on, but audio muted; stay muted during presentations; chat can be used for recording questions and ideas to be followed up in discussion portion of conference; (8) familiarize yourself with materials posted on this website as they evolve and look for ways to connect your work to the work of others (9) do not create a personal recording and do not save or distribute official recording of conference; (10) feel free to suggest other useful etiquette guidelines.


As mentioned above, all the SCS-WCC Covid-19 relief fundraising initiative, AND all the fun that was had at #FlashCon1 and #FlashCon2!

Cover of the magazine, Amazing Stories (Sept. 1954), depicting aliens in a barren landscape gazing up at a Trojan horse being lowered down from a flying saucer by Ralph Castenir (attribution source). Image rights not established (image source).