Diana of the Aventine on a Glasspaste Intaglio?

Arachne image

A. Furtwängler, Beschreibung der geschnittenen Steine im Antiquarium, Königliche Museen Berlin (1896), Kat.Nr. 9515 ZenonJ. J. Winckelmann, Description des pierres gravées du feu Baron de Stosch, dédiée à son Eminence Monseigneur le Cardinal Alexandre Albani (1760), Kat.Nr. II,285 Zenon

This post supplements appendix 2 of my 2018 article.

Cf. RRC 372/1

BnF REP-17500

Other coins-glasspaste connections

Knossos labyrinth

unbearded Janus

Artemis of Ephesus in her temple

bearded Janus

plowing scene

head of Roma

Portrait (Sextus Pompey?), cf. 483/2 and 511/1

man headed bull crowned by victory

another oath scene

Other gems of numismatic interest

A so called Sulla Portrait that looks nothing like 434/1

Link for next three (Notts collection).

Paphos sanctuary

Mt Argeus

Prow stem with head of Athena
Arachne link

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