A Phrygian Helmet for Ptolemy?!

This is from the masterful article on Ptolemaic portraiture in the below conference volume by Catharine C. Lorber. There are 3 more examples of this same seal impression (bullae) in the Toronto collection of such material from Edfu, and two more in Amsterdam. On this particular sealing Lorber has little to say in this chapter, only using it as a counter point for other material: “the one emphatically military royal portrait, the famous helmeted facing bust… appears clean shaven… .” Famous to whom?! And where can I read more. The footnote doesn’t help. BUT turns out the Royal Ontario Museum has a great database.

There is nothing in the entries about other publications of the portrait, but the high res images make it clear that the helmet likely has an Egyptianizing design, even if its exact character isn’t quite clear to my eye yet:

The real kicker though is how ROMAN that phrygian helmet with two side wings is.

RRC 380/1 is the first example that comes to mind but there are many more:

I have more to say but gotta go pick up kids from school.

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