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Pan Is Dead, Long Live Pan

A Mutant Myth in Roger Zelazny’s This Immortal


Homeric Hymn to Pan (trans. H. G. Evelyn-White)

Orphic Hymn to Pan (trans. Thomas Taylor)

Plutarch, On the Failure of Oracles sec. 17 (trans. F. C. Babbitt)


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“Zelazny’s basic premise about immortality is quietly revolutionary. The classical supposition … is that given all eternity to live, life becomes gray, meaningless, and one must be crushed by the ennui of experience upon experience, repetition upon repetition. Implicit in Zelazny’s treatment is the opposite premise: Given all eternity to live, each experience becomes a jewel in the jewel-clutter of life; each moment becomes infinitely fascinating because there is so much more to relate it to; each event will take on new harmonies as it is struck by the overtones of history and like experiences before. The most dour and colorless happening will be illuminated by the light of the ages.”

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