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Professional Musings

Political Essays

“_____ Lives Matter” Lawn Signs

Electoral College and Anti-Democratic Intentions

State of the Discipline, Then, Now and Future

Controversies in Classics – discussion of Holt Parker, Thomas Hubbard and others

Skin Color in the Ancient World

“Dear Neville”

Peer-Review and Inclusivity

Seeing Race

Bread and Circuses (post 1, post 2)

Advice to Mentees

Things I learned from Fergus Millar

Cracking the Personal Statement (Job App Letter)

How to be (or not be) on the Job Market

Handling a Heavy Reading Load

Writing Styles, Finding your Voice

On (not) Reviewing Books

Should I put part of my dissertation in a conference volume?

Advice from Others Besides Me

How to write an abstract by Cora Beth Knowles (original post), – archived copy

How to say NO to service

Tips on coping with Learning Disabilities

RRC issues

14 – context considered

100-101 – Date and Mint Re-Assessed

123/1 – moneyer’s symbol re-assessed

213 – head on prowstem

316/1 – canting pun

356/1 – canting pun

414/1 – historical contextualization of iconography

427/1 – new identification (not mine) of reverse type

480/21 – contextualizing iconography

526 – used for comparative iconography

Other Mints


Nuceria – Oscan Legends

Suessa Aurunca – revised identification of iconography,

Other Numismatic Topics

Sestos Inscription – why do communities make coins?

Function of Legends

Specific Iconographic Questions

Horned Helmets

Sea Nymph seen from back

Elephant Headdress

Fasces – Cicero, de leg. agr. fear mongering about Capua, Royal symbol in Livy,

Modius – Lucilius and related vocabulary,

Other Historical Topics

Agrarian Issues – land distribution in the early third century,