Apollo replacing Hercules


There are lots of Apollos on the coin series in the 90s onwards (old news and of debated significance) and Piso is really into Apollo (RRC 340).

But the one place Piso breaks with the conventional assignments of deities is with the quadrans where he uses Apollo instead of Hercules.

Update:  The same replacement is clearly evident for Vibius’ quadrans as well (RRC 344/7 )as well!


This makes me think about WHY this deity and why the two seem to be entangled in the Roman mind Musa’s issue (RRC 410/1)Capture.JPG

And also makes me think a little about this earlier post

and also about Augustan use of the struggle for Delphi as a political metaphor (Zanker etc…)



I’m trying to remember to put stuff here and then tweet rather than just throwing it up on twitter where it is lost from memory and any easy search capacity.

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