Military honors?

The symbol on right hand side of the reverse of RRC 513 (aureus and denarius; older post on this type) has been interpreted as a military honor, but the parallels are not definite. Crawford calls it “phalerae (dona militaria)”. Hence my interest in this sealing from Zeugma published by Mehmet Önal:

The idea of this representing phalerae is based on the reconstruction of how these would have been worn:

The ensemble displayed here was discovered in 1858 near Lauersfort in the district of Moers. The inscription names the owner as one Titus Flavius Festus. Photographed by Carole Raddato in Frankfurt museum.

Various reliefs showing soldiers wearing such honors:

From the Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Bonn. 1st century CE
Bas-relief depicting Falera with Victoria. Civici di Reggio Emilia Museum, 1-2 century CE
Found in Dalmatia (Da Tilurium Dalmatia). dated to 42 BCE
Estense Lapidary Museum. 1st century BCE

It gives me some comfort that the most similar representations are the simple early ones…

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