Youthful Oak Wreathed Deity with a Thunderbolt

I’m doing the image research for this paper I’m giving at a conference at UVa next week.

Yarrow - Ludi Apollinares on the Republican Coin Series.jpg

I can’t avoid talking about the whole Veiovis/Apollo/Composite Deities issues (See Wiseman and now Luke) – This is such a time suck rabbit hole, I’m just trusting one day my thoughts might add up to something.

Yarrow - Ludi Apollinares on the Republican Coin Series2.jpg

Gellius writes about the connection between Ve(d)iovis and Apollo.  He mentions she-goats and arrows.

This is from Luke (link above), p. 257.



A c. 2nd Century BCE marble statue head of a goddess who likely had a lunate crescent attaching to her fillet was found in his temple:


Digital Augustan Rome Screenshots RE Temples.


For survey of evidence of cult on Tiber Island see p. 88 following of this Master’s Thesis.




There is also a great reconstruction by Burges in Davies 2017: 197, fig. 5.9:


Davies thinks transverse orientation of cellas is a practical choice, but Marcattili suggests a religious logic at play:


There is a translation of FASTI PRAENESTINI online, important part is very beginning (image, image and info). Likely compiled by Verius Flaccus. {Complements Ovid ref which is much more vague)


[… is named] in Latium . . . [sacrifices] with the libation which [is called Janual]
A [Kalends of January. Business in Court.] To Aesculapius and Vediovis on the island. This day, along with the [other] Kalends, is given the name {calendae} because it is the first of the days which the pontifex minor [calls] on the Capitol in the Calabrian senate-house, in every month up until each Nones. The new year [begins then] because on this day the new magistrates enter office; this custom started in the 601st year after the foundation [of Rome].

Assuming Veiovis is the same as Vetisl/Veive, the Etruscan god, this is interesting (To read more: This and This):


He is #15 on the Piacenza Liver:


Jannot thinks this puts him in the category of a god of fate and near CVL (Janus)


From the same:


Stevens, Natalie L. C. “A New Reconstruction of the Etruscan Heaven.” American Journal of Archaeology 113, no. 2 (2009): 153-64:


The association with the Dii Publici may explain some of the iconographic pairings on the  coins….

LIMC Veiovis entry! (Thanks to Alexander Heinemann)



Hayes says the following connecting Suri/Apollo to Veiovis/Dis Pater at the sanctuary at Pyrgi.  I’m not sure there is enough evidence to make the leap but do find it interesting…


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