An Overstrike (and my latest project)

I’m doing some volunteering and professional development remotely with the Ashmolean’s Heberdeen Coin Room.  All of their republican coins are photographed and online BUT the data is not validated and all RRC references are not yet in the database.  To see all the lovely pictures, go to their search page, and select Roman republican as the period and make sure under status “uploaded”, “for review” and “validated” are all checked. Of the some 3500+ coins, just under half have a Crawford number so far.  To look for a specific type enter under reference value the RRC number (without RRC).  At this time, you’ll need to try  a variety of formats, e.g. 123, 123/1, and 123.1 as the data is not cleaned up or standardized.  I’m adding reference numbers as my good deed. So the number of specimens with reference numbers is rapidly growing.  Once they all have some reference number I’ll use a spreadsheet to clean the data and add type info etc…

Why am I doing this.  1) so Schaefer can access the material and continue his work on RRDP sooner; 2) because it is intensely soothing and interesting to me; 3) I hope it will be of use to many of you.  It’s a beautiful collection AND Jerome Mairat has build a really lovely interface especially for stream lining and collaborating on data entry.  Working with his system is teaching me about how I might want to design numismatic databases in future.

But I promised you an OVER STRIKE and indeed I have one to share.  Any one want to tell me what the under type is?  It should be an that has the denomination mark above the prow.

RRC 535/1, HCR60856:



Another over struck specimen.


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