80 of 234: Etruscan Procession

“Procession of c. 16 figures, lictores, tuba players, death demons. The man Laris Pumpus, probably the owner of the tomb, is mentioned in the inscription” A 1910 painting on canvas of right wall middle of Tomba del Tifone, Tarquinia, 2nd cent BCE. Glyptotek, Copenhagen, H.I.N. 410, I.N. 2568 “The original of the procession is so ruined that it would be unintelligible without the help of the old copies.”

I’m most interested in the objects everyone is carrying. First figure with raise arm, sholder length hair, a hair band tied in front and sleeves, seems to be holding some thing with three curved horizontal bars and a fan shaped object above (orange). The green circles mark out a pretty ordinary horn player and horn. The blue circle is what I suspect is being interpreted as the symbol of the lictors: should we call this twisty stick with a hoop fasces?!? Perhaps these are not the lictors, but heralds of some sort with a form of the caduceus? There are more examples in the image near the horn. Yellow marks out a three objects. From left to right they are the hammer, the typical attribute of the death demon (blue dude in back above the other heads). Next comes what looks like a sheep head on a stick. Then there is a stick with a slight curve at the top. More like what I’d call fasces, but I’m far from certain. Then a hammer? that looks a little different than the death demon’s but might be for another spirit? It seems to be overlapping in the image an other stick with a slight curve.


(1) early versions of togas! We learned about that when I was an undergraduate, but there weren’t all that many good examples – the Arringatore was the prime example. This shows them off better. (2) Despite obvious differences, the composition is so similar to the procession on the Ara Pacis – presumably it was in direct conversation with a long tradition.

via social media Dr. Maria Pretzler made these observations which I thought had deep merit, quoted with permission

self accountability section

Felt bad about not getting to a blog post yesterday. Something unexpected came up my day took a bit of a turn. Yet, beyond that, it was really a very good day work-wise. I finalized a paper for conference proceedings and was reminded why co-authoring is so nice. I added edits to a chapter on Dionysius for an edited volume based on editors suggestions and thus got to spend a little time with the Brock’s views on the Ship of State in the Greek tradition, pre Alexander but clearly relevant later too. I had some nice email correspondence with PhD student asking good questions regarding the grain supply that got me thinking about my book project again. AND, I spend a good deal of time exploring funding options and grants and starting to think about my next target deadlines. Getting back on the horse and staying in the groove of such writing is critical. The is a habit to all forms of writing and I cannot take any of it too seriously if I am to get it done. I have a few now in mind and one will need some serious attention the next couple weeks. Ah yes, AND I agreed to give an ANS long table next Friday on my Aes Grave work, AND I concretized my smelting plans. A week from tomorrow I make my first test samples for drilling and experimentation. Yes, no reason to feel bad, that was a days work by any measure and it is also good to be open to interruptions and the unexpected. Again, part of the function of this type of blogging is to better understand how hard to push myself and when to give my self a break.

Possible docket for Today

More smelting logistics!

Respond to departmental planning email

Process die axis scans and share with colleagues

Check in with co-authors and tweak as needed

finalize images

Check in on book proposal

Time in on textual evidence for RACOM paper

Write first draft of abstract for RACOM paper

Look at some nice pictures just for fun, maybe post about them (it helps my mood and motivation!)

Maybe write referees about next grant application?

Maybe think about re working book proposal for grant app, or not

Check in on Abstract for AIA panel

Attend zoom talk

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