What’s Ovid playing at?!

In the Fasti, why does he make up the goddess Muta as a name for Lara in book 2 on the Feralia?  The Romans already had a goddess of silence and she already had her own place on the calendar!

The Divalia of Angerona:

Pliny NH 3.36: It seems pertinent to add at this point an instance of old religion established especially to inculcate this silence: the goddess Angerona, to whom sacrifice is offered on December 21, is represented in her statue with a sealed bandage over her mouth.



InscrIt-13-02, 00017 = EE-09, 00740 = Gordon 00036 = AE 1898, 00014 = AE 1922, 00096 = AE 1953, +00236 = AE 1993, +00144 = AE 2002, +00181 = AE 2007, 00312

[C XII Di]va(lia) n(efas) p(iaculum) feriae diva[e Angeronae quae ab anginae morbo] / appell[atur quod remedia eius quondam] / prae[cepit statuerunt eam ore obligato] / in ar[a Volupiae ut moneret ne quis nomen] / occul[tum urbis enuntiaret 3] / [3]m aiunt ob an[3] / [3]m / [D XI c(omitialis) Laribus Perm]arinis in porti[cu Mi]nucia / [E X La]r(entalia) n(efas) p(iaculum) [fer]iae Iovi Accae Larentin[ae Parentalia fiunt] / hanc alii Remi et Rom[uli nutricem alii] / meretricem Herculis scortum [fuisse dic]unt / Parentari ei publice quod p(opulum) R(omanum) he[redem fece]rit / magnae pecuniae quam accepe[rat testame]nto / Tarutili amatoris sui / F [VIIII c(omitialis)]

Is he playing around with the identity of the Mother of the Lares and her connection with Acca Larentia?  I’m thinking about Coarelli 2003: 12-13 and how he builds on Wiseman 1995.


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