Vulci Tripods

The left hand detail is my own photograph from the Vatican, the right hand detail is from MET 60.11.11.

When I saw the basic form of Vatican specimen, it felt very familiar, but I thought I remembered posting about it with one in the MET and another in the Getty, but I think the latter must be false memory as it does not show up on their website. Perhaps I was remember an illustration of the Vatican one from some earlier MET publication… The MET acquired theirs in 1960, I wonder when and how it left Italy. They don’t have any provenance info on the website. Setting the two side by side makes me think intensely of how restoration effects our impression of objects. How different is the impression made by this old MET photo of theirs pre restoration

My favor part of the Vatican one is Hercle (Greek: Herakles) and his patron goddess, Menrva (Greek: Athena).

The details of the banqueters on the bottom ring and the paw feet are pretty good too but my photo is terrible. I like the animal feet because they remind me of the paws on RRC 10/1 (earlier post).

Update 5-3-23:

A fun illustration from Daremberg and Saglio

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