Round up of Campana Iconography

I’m mostly interested in how the plaques can help us better understand the material world of the late republic, so the themes below are architecture, statues, rituals, spectacles, etc… But also a little of the iconography of gods that appear on coins.

Parade Scene Plaque ; very similar; fragment of similar

Signed Circus plaque

Circus scene: two facing quadriga, monument in middle

Hunt scene set in circus or forum ; similar depiction of spectators but details different; another full scene but almost mirror image of first ;

Theatre scene: 3 actors ; fragmentary version

armor metopes: curaiss, cross oval and square shields; another but with Macedonian shield

prisoner parade

Colonade: two herms, two urns, boxer statue; another very similar; colonade and pediment: four athlete statues flanking a statue of Hercules; colonade: two urns and hercules statue; colonade with pediment: three athletes, one or two herms, vessel and basin on pedestal

trophy with square shield

Gallic trophy and prisoner(s?) (signed)

fragment of a scene with statue (Athena?) on column and building (round shrine?) in background

boar and foot fragment

round shrine (tholos with spiral columns and metope frieze; a more complete version but with less detail in execution of architecture; similar to last; nilotic scene with spiral columns, spiral column fragment; another spiral column; and another; and another; and another; still another;

fragment of architectural detail containing volute capital

fragment with bear

Cupid next to prize table with Archaic female statue, cock beneath

Mars, Apollo and a bird perhaps a raven, reminds me of earlier blog posts about mars and birds ; perhaps also something about Augury? (Louvre) Notice also Mars is youthful with flowing hair (another very similar plaque)
Mars, Jupiter, Hera, Minerva. Notice youthful representation of Mars and his hair. (Louvre)
Column? Head? Female? Youthful male? Athena? Roma? Mars? Definitely Phrygian helemet. Draped pole. Mast? or curtain rod? Man’s face in profile. Is he tied to the mast? (link)
The left hand statue in Hermes/Mercury with caduceus in right hand and likely a purse in the left. The figure on the globe is confusing, maybe a draped herm? perhaps of Hercules with lion skin. I can’t tell what the object is to the right of the globe is… Offering table? Something else? (Louvre)
triumphal arch, perhaps Augustus’? But not a great match for any numismatic representations (Louvre)
RRC 1.2 Aug 359
RIC 1.2 Aug 135
The cow suit! Pasiphae and Daedaleus! Another version maybe just differently restored?!

Update 1/11/23:

On display at Museo delle Navi Romane di Nemi, perhaps clue there to original location?

1 thought on “Round up of Campana Iconography”

  1. On the “Triumphal Arch, perhaps Augustus”, the animals pulling the quadriga in the middle look like sheep! Is this possible? On coins, we see chariots pulled by snakes and lions,
    so why not sheep?

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