Not Ancient Elvis Hair

Another Etruscan bronze from the Vatican, but I’m posting this one because of how it parallels faces joined together on ancient intaglios. This next image is the same vessel seen from the top. The beard of the mask is the back of that bouffant hair style.

Here some pretty drawings of intagios of the type I mean. I feel there must be a name for this type of image, but I don’t know it.

BM 2010,5006.1355 drawing of BM 1814,0704.2486
BM 2010,5006.1359 drawing of BM 1814,0704.2450
BM 2010,5006.1353 drawing of BM 1814,0704.2727

I became interested in this style of intaglio nine years ago because of coin types of Signia. Earlier Blog Post with ever more image.

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