20 of 234 days: 5th Bull/Prow Praeneste find (?)

It’s an ANS day. I’m spending some time with the SNGs from Italian Collections this from Firenze (vol 3.) Umbria-Bruttium.

I also battled the scanning technology to make a high quality copy of the Divo, Coins Stolen from Naples (1977). I’ve been frustrated with not having it on file. But at long last I’ve a decent pdf (if you need one do ask!).

A screen shot just to give a sense of the publication. V little text almost all just photos.

I’m now scanning most of Bolletino di Numismatica 13 (1989). The images of well provenanced aes grave From the Roman National Museum Collection (Palazzo Massimo) are just delish.

Some Etruscan pieces

Ardea 1940

S. Marinella 1927

Pozzaglia 1922-1923

not only full size images but some in color and all with weights and inv. numbers!

Then this afternoon I go to pick up some metallurgical testing equipment from a colleague’s lab and then I drive home.

More tomorrow…

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