21 of 234 days: Fabatus and Cybele

Before I get to work on the boring parts of today (persuading two machines to talk to each other via some rather mediocre software), I allowed myself to browse some of my scans from the ANS yesterday. Divo 1977, the coins stolen from Naples, is just one of the goodies (need a pdf? just ask!). [NB! I keep calling this Divo 1970 by accident, no idea why. Must clean up file names etc…]

I may have found a new Fabatus control mark (RRC 412/1). My run through Crawford’s plates LXVIII and LXIX turned up no likely matches. I’ve not spotted it in the Schaefer archive either for all he’s identified dozens of control-marks not known to Crawford (you can access this through CRRO). But I’ll be honest I didn’t give it too much time as other things take priority.

Mural crown, turreted crown a common attribute of the Magna Mater, Cybele, as well as city goddesses
Head of a lion a common attribute of the Magna Mater, Cybele, and other goddesses fitting the mistress of the beasts type, other Anatolian Artemis and mother/fertility goddesses.


  • follow up on scans from yesterday
  • edits/tweaks – then share
  • Princeton follow up
  • Read more on Aes Grave
  • Rutgers follow up
  • Prep PC for tomorrow
  • international UG response
  • April event logistics
  • Cancel at least one more digital membership

Not Today (but maybe tomorrow, or the day after)

  • Teaching requests for Fall 2023
  • Set time table for any collaborative RRDP work/publication prep that needs to happen this semester: Chicago pub, INC pub, collaboration with RACOM, etc…
  • Circle back to Capito project
  • Consider ask for funding from Dean’s office
  • Begin Med school rec letter
  • record mini myth
  • find out what is on that v old harddrive and back up to cloud
  • Write up Teaching Eval
  • renew Coinarchives

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