Coins for Festivals

Another distraction, the most lovely Seth Bernard sent me this via twitter because of my earlier post (not yet edited but soon to be…)

CRAWFORD, Michael H. Thesauri, hoards and votive deposits In: Sanctuaires et sources: Les sources documentaires et leurs limites dans la description des lieux de culte [online]. Naples: Publications du Centre Jean Bérard, 2003 (generated 19 janvier 2023). Available on the Internet: <;. ISBN: 9782918887218. DOI:

It’s so good. I love coming back to read work when one is really ready for the text, even hungry to read it. So different to reading in the abstraction of possibly useful one day. Anyway on to the point.

That passage in Dionysius reminded me immediately of RRC 385/5 and the decoding of the legend to be about the foundation of the ludi Apollinares by subscription.

stips collata dei thesauro 

British Museum: 1843,0116.1117

I wrote badly about this coin and its series some time ago. Often, I like “past-me” but not in this case.

I’ve got more on this coin off blog in a draft book chapter.

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