17 out of 234 days: Alba Fucens

Alba Fucens is my favorite colony. Why? It has a cheeky mountain that constantly photo bombs pictures of the site:

image source
image source

AND it struck obols and other small silver denominations. IRIS link. Past posts on obols.

Anyway this was another open tab from yesterday I wanted to close but save (epigraphy is so distracting!):



  • emails to mentors
  • Close tabs from yesterday’s distractions
  • proofreading
  • Read more on Aes Grave
  • Rutgers follow up
  • AUS follow up
  • Grad Student follow up

Not Today (but maybe tomorrow, or the day after)

  • Teaching requests for Fall 2023
  • Set time table for any collaborative RRDP work/publication prep that needs to happen this semester: Chicago pub, INC pub, collaboration with RACOM, etc…
  • Circle back to Capito project
  • Consider ask for funding from Dean’s office
  • Begin Med school rec letter
  • record mini myth
  • find out what is on that v old harddrive and back up to cloud
  • Write up Teaching Eval
  • Cancel at least one more digital membership
  • renew Coinarchives

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