An Image of Aventine Diana?

This is RRC 448/3. The series as a whole celebrates Caesar’s victories in Gaul.  Was this what Artemis looked like in Massilia and by extension what she looked like on the Aventine?    It bears little resemble to Artemis on Massilia’s own coinage.  The Cambridge Ancient History endorses the reading of Strabo 4.1.5 against this coin:

what is more, the xoanon of that Artemis which is on the Aventine Hill was constructed by the Romans on the same artistic design as the xoanon which the Massiliotes have. But at the time of Pompey’s sedition against Caesar they joined the conquered party and thus threw away the greater part of their prosperity.

But how reliable is this testimony of Strabo?  Just before he’s said that


We know well what Artemis of Ephesus looks like and it is not much like the coin image above…

Here’s the CAH:


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