Currency Bar Finds known in 1882

From Gallica; Donum citation

“When I mapped findspots for #NotAllElephants I used “Find spots taken from Vecchi 2014, pp. 29-31 with the addition of Lavinium, Sutri, Viterbo, and the region north of Naples.”

A draft map of Vecchi’s list appeared on this blog.

I’m worried I might have missed the following find spots from Garrucci’s list, but they could be listed in Vecchi under another place name!

Ardea (area of the Rutules)


Fabbro near Orvieto


Now if I’d mapped in Google Earth this would be much more simple to reconstruct and check. Doh. I’m going to leave the question for today, but definitely want to circle back and follow up.

aes signatum

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