Lake Nemi Coin Finds

associated with the recovery of the ships

Good news, the Cesano pdf arrived. Bad news, no photos of republican specimens. Also, based on the lamp article I was expecting more republican material and lots more coins overall, ho hum.

Still it is interesting that they are ALL asses no other denominations… does that make it more likely they are ritual deposits?

RRC 183/1 – 169-158 BCE

RRC 182/1 – 169-158 BCE

RRC 85/2 – 211 BC – 210 BCE

RRC 191/1 – 169-158 BCE

maybe RRC 134/2 – 194-190 BCE, Crawford resolves monogram L PL H but I can imagine it being misread as LAP an I can find no other candidate types.

RRC 174/1 – 169-158 BCE

Description of find spots

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