9 of 234 days: Nemi lake finds

ILL delivered that article I mentioned yesterday on lamps in Lake Nemi, nothing really on coins. But, the authors notice a long period of ritual deposits in the lake itself and they consider this separate from the sanctuary of Diana which has a longer period of use (well into third century CE), whereas lamp deposits seem to concentrated and then taper off in the second century CE. They speculate that the deposits might have been a means of communicating with the underworld. Nevertheless I find it tantalizing that they mention coin finds along with the lamps suggesting the coins were also part of such ritual deposits in the lake. I wondered if the coins were also in Museo delle Navi Romane di Nemi as the lamps were there. I took a ‘tour’ of the museum using snapshots posted on Tripadvisor.

Just one shot of the coin display
Stratigraphic time line. Notice those coins in the republican era!
Hand crank device for bailing bilge water
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
Component (reconstruction?) from Caligula’s ships on Lake Nemi, showing the same type of ‘ball bearings’ used in Nero’s revolving dining room

I’m guessing that any coin finds were also published by Cesano (I mentioned her last week) here:

Cesano, S. L. “Scavi di Nemi-le monete.” In G. Ucelli, ed. Le navi di Nemi. Roma, 1940. p. 307-327.

I’ve ILL-ed it.

Yesterday, I sent off Dionysius for editorial feedback. That felt good. I hate how admin/logistics never feels likereal” work. I’m trying how best to prepare for my Rome trip and finally have some firm dates for collecting some more data. I don’t know what it makes most sense to work on until then… Do I start crunching data I already have? Or will that lead me down a primrose path or just make double the work? Perhaps more background reading…


  • First steps on Aes Grave project
  • More Italy visit logistics!
  • More Rutgers coordination !
  • More Princeton coordination !
  • EES coordination!
  • BM communications
  • Follow up old student/tree sunset

Not Today (but maybe tomorrow, or the day after)

  • Teaching requests for Fall 2023
  • Circle back to department about any Jan planning meetings
  • Book flights
  • Set time table for any collaborative RRDP work/publication prep that needs to happen this semester: Chicago pub, INC pub, collaboration with RACOM, etc…
  • Circle back to Capito project
  • Consider ask for funding from Dean’s office
  • Begin Med school rec letter
  • record mini myth
  • find out what is on that v old harddrive and back up to cloud
  • follow up with Lafayette
  • Write up Teaching Eval
  • Rosen Fellowship refs – Jan 16
  • Finalize AAH logistics
  • Cancel at least one more digital membership
  • renew Coinarchives
  • Review grad student apps by Jan 19

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