Caesarian Glass Paste Intaglio

Emory 2008.031.023 (Ex coll. Michael Shubin (1950-2008), Montebello, California, acquired June 11, 1993.)

This glass paste intaglio is borrowing and adapting iconography from the below coin type (RRC 452/2). Notice that the thunderbolt has been transformed into an anchor and a spear added to the design. The carnyx is rather indistinct but wolf head axe is clear. The intaglio is mirror image in lay out.

The name Caesar has been replaced by clasped hands (likely representing ideas of fides, pax, pietas, concordia, etc…). Caesar was also the first to inspire this imagery on Roman coinage. Below I give an example of RRC 450/2, but 451/1, 480/6 and 480/24 also have the clasped hands.

All in all a very nice addition to evidence discussed in my 2018 article on this type of glass paste and the influence of numismatic imagery.

ANS 1948.19.225
ANS 1937.158.254

Only loosely related update later the same day…

Emory 2012.032.006 an intaglio borrowing its design from the coinage of Rhodes

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