2 of 234 days: Nemi and More

This is the opening to Crawford 1983. I know I can visit material on deposit in Nottingham and any of Haeberlin’s collection that ended up in Berlin, but I wonder how likely it is to be able to track down any specimens that were in Pasinati’s stock? Do you know the whereabouts of one or more of these pieces of aes grave? This particular provenance would make the individual specimens deeply important from an archaeological and historical position. Link to Helbig 1885. Crawford in this piece is attempting to improve upon Cesano AIIN 1912. (She’s one of my favorite numismatic foremothers!)
Wiki bio.

Crawford tells us that “A collection of photos donated by Lord Savile to the British Museum illustrates a number of pieces not otherwise attested, which have been included in the list below, and there may well have been more. (The photos also illustrate four tesserae: Standing figure/Standing figure, Standing figure/Standing figure, IVVEN/Blank, COR/THAL /Triple Hecate) .” I think these must be on deposit in the coins and medals department, as they have not been given accession numbers and added to the collection database as far as I can tell…

The enumeration of my days is a discipline for myself. When this blog was anonymous this type of omphloscopy was easier as I could at once construct in my mind’s eye just the right sort of mildly (dis)interested external audience, while being assured that next to no one actually read these posts or cared. Now I know there are some of you are coming for a specific kind of content that has nothing to do with my own writing practice and personal reflection on my profession.

I’ve resolved to re-institute the used of categories to help you filter out posts of less interest. Posts in this series will (like last time) be marked “enumeration of my days”. The coins category will be used to mark posts with… wait for it… coins. Ditto historiography, modernity, material culture, textual evidence, and advice. I think that covers most of the things I usually blog about.


  • Re-shelve books and reset home office space
  • Develop Tow proposal (DUE Friday, Jan 6, 5 pm)
  • Choose ideal dates for Rome trip (and even found my ideal flights!)
  • Contact curators about feasibility of collections visits concurrent with this trip (one, more tomorrow)
  • Respond to external advising email
  • Triage Emails from over Holiday Break (progress, not perfection)
  • respond to podcast request

Not Today (but maybe tomorrow, or the day after)

  • Spend sometime with Dionysius
  • Teaching requests for Fall 2023
  • Circle back to department about any Jan planning meetings
  • Book flights
  • Set time table for any collaborative RRDP work/publication prep that needs to happen this semester
  • Finalize Tow Proposal (DUE Friday, Jan 6, 5 pm)
  • Consider ask for funding from Dean’s office
  • Begin Med school rec letter
  • Contact Princeton and Rutgers about possibility of visits
  • Write BM about whether scans of Nemi photos can be had
  • Write Clare in case she’s seen these photos and is interested in those token images mentioned by Crawford
  • Write up Teaching Eval (overdue!)
  • A little more work on office environment
  • Triage Emails from over Holiday Break
  • Contact curators about feasibility of collections visits concurrent with this trip
  • Send Letter of Recommendation (grad teaching)

Not THIS Sabbatical

I found a post it note on my desk with a idea for a little book, potentially useful to the non-numismatists:

Roman Social History: The Coin Evidence

Ordinary Occupations

Ludi in Rome and the Provinces

Lives of Women


Political Careers

Myth and Legend


2 thoughts on “2 of 234 days: Nemi and More”

  1. […] UPenn also has a pretty decent coin collection, more than 20k specimens when all periods are included, of which the vast majority are Roman. While I cannot say I looked at all their coins, it seemed pretty clear from entries that provenance before 1929 was typically not recorded. My suspicion is that if they got Nemi sanctuary coins they didn’t record them as such. Archival paperwork on the Nemi acquisitions in the museum might answer those questions, but even better would be to fine the Savile photos that Crawford mentions (see earlier post.) […]

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