The Nemi Temple

Terracotta model of a temple pediment, from the sanctuary of Diana Nemorensis. From Nemi, loc. Giardino, Sanctuary of Diana.Mid-Republican period, 4th-3rd c. BCE Villa PoniatowskiMuseo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia, Rome, Italy. IMAGE from Dan Diffendale (link)

Dan’s photos are always SO good! If you go to his photo stream he has a few more of this same object from different angles. The detail I wanted to record other than just the existence of this object and its location is the center image, which to my eye in this photo looks like three seated women and I’d be tempted to read as a representation of the cult image.

Here’s another detail from another of Dan’s photos at a slightly higher resolution:

I’m interested in how different (less archaic) this representation is than that on RRC 486/1. I wish I could make out the attributes better on the terracotta model.

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