Gold imitating a Paestum Bronze

A small gold medallion, perhaps jewelry or decorative element: 2.1 cm; 1.06 g. Louvre Bj 31

Because this object is stamped the curators speculated that it might have been created using the impression of a coin. The inspiration is clearly elephant type from Paestum, but gold-piece doesn’t look anything like specimens I’ve seen. The gold elephant looks more Indian and the bronze coins more African. Also I’ve just never seen a Paestum bronze in that good of condition. Crawford, Paestum 21/2; SNG ANS 777; HN Italy 1230.

N.B. I don’t have F. Carbone’s books to hand to see if he says anything interesting on the type.

From p. 184 of my book.
Specimens from recent auctions
BM 1852,0701.20
BM RPK,p284.29.PosL

ANS specimens not yet photographed.


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