Wheel Tressis

I’m grateful to David Hill, ANS librarian and archivist, for his help accessing the Hersh papers and his kind permission to share these photographs. I am presently preparing a finding aid for the papers and this post was inspired by that work.

RRC 24/1 = Vecchi 64 is a rare large denomination of Aes Grave. There is no image in CRRO. Vecchi knows of only five specimens and lists the weights and last known location of all five. Only one is in a public collection, and that is in the Vatican.

Amongst Charles Hersh’s papers in the ANS archives, there are the following photos and details of a specimen previously unknown in publications.

The back of the photographs record the weight as 652 grams and the diameter as between 3 5/8s and 3 7/8s inches.

They also list details of the owner, an E. M. of Ohio. The full name and full address are given, but as I have not yet traced the family or the deposition of the estate, I withhold publishing those details for now. The individual appears to have passed away in mid 20th century.

The whereabouts of the specimen today are unknown. If you recognize the coin and have a better photograph, I’d be glad to know of it.

Update. With the help of Bill Dazell, I’ve learned that upon the owner’s death some 533 coins went to the ANS, but not this one it seems…

Update 11/4/2022:

a published specimen, just for reference.

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