Moneta Salutaris

Séguin 1666

This started as a twitter convo but got interesting and as it is hard to search twitter for past information, I’m going to echo what I learned there here.

RIC I (2) Civil Wars 30 – BnF specimen shown here is only specimen in OCRE.

MD pointed out this specimen looks tooled and I agree. McCabe wondered whether the tooled specimen is ancient or modern. There was concern also about the shape of the hammer on which ABD commented on twitter. Then MP pointed me towards a photo on an internet discussion forum. All the photos below are from that discussion. The owner of the coin and others engaged in the discussion are said to be in Lyons. The second set of photos seem to be from a seller. In the discussion there was concern A) the specimen might be cast and/or B) the specimen might be plated. It has a reported weight of only 2.7g.

Looking at the BnF specimen and this one I’m suspicious that they may share a casting mould, but I’m not 100% confident.

Juno Moneta Inscription Salutaris ??? Ensemb10

Juno Moneta Inscription Salutaris ??? _1010
Juno Moneta Inscription Salutaris ??? _10_110
Juno Moneta Inscription Salutaris ??? _10_210

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