99 of 234: Triumphal Chariot Car Imagery

I’m thinking of the Dossenus denarii (RRC 348) and wanted some visual comparisons. This round up is incomplete. I’ll drop in other examples as I come across them.

Trésor de Boscoreale : skyphos (Louvre)

Vespasianic Bronzes:

Domitianic Gold. All have victory crowning trophy on triumphal car but none v clear. This is the same as the rare Trajanic aureus and denarius with similar imagery.

detail of a Paris specimen
Clearest of the v indistinct Trajanic specimens in OCRE
A rare as of Commodus (BM)

Augustus’ “slow quadrigas” There are a variety of car designs here that are not searchable in OCRE. Victory/Standing Figure with Scepter; Victory/Victory; Vegetal pattern and figure; just swirls

Under Augustus there is also a slow quadriga from the period of the revival of the III-viri. Florus’ uses dies with three distinct car contents but RIC did not differentiate these.

Fulmen(?) type:

Three rider(?) type:

A variant of the three rider(?) type, maybe we could call it the peg type for now:

Durmius only has the fulmen type on OCRE Specimens, but i wouldn’t be surprised if there was die sharing and we could find rider/peg reverses in trade. A rabbit hole for another day.

The most elaborate of the slow quadrigas is that on the coinage of Nero honoring the divine Claudius. A type revived by Titus to honor Vespasian.

Under Vespasian the fulmen type reappears again identified in RIC as a basket car with three corn ears. Doesn’t look like like grain to me but maybe?!

From the Antonines onwards RIC uses Slow Quadriga to identify many scenes that are clearly triumphal. A small selection follows.



Self accountability section

I need to change my many many relevant blog posts into some slides and notes for next week, but at least I know basically what I think at this point. I’d love to do more with the hoards but maybe that just has to wait. UK logistics 95% sorted. Just waiting to hear from a friend about dates and then I’ll book my flights. Need to book a hotel for a few nights in Rome, cannot believe I left that this late. I fly out tomorrow. Loving my RRDP team. Zooms with my colleagues are really very useful to for structuring my work. Must go join one now!

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