A very small issue, another die map

RRC 419/2 was probably only struck by between 10-13 obverse dies.  We know 10 of them.

Blue are obverses and green are reverses.  I’ve excluded plated coins (there are 4 or so documented in Schaefer’s archive).


Line thickness is proportional to specimens known with that link.  This issue was probably made near the same time as RRC  419/1 (see previous posts).  Given the high degree of interconnectedness and the way in which the number of reverse dies so closely match the obverse, I find it easiest to imagine the die engraver being told we we’ll need a dozen pairs of dies for this type and them arriving at the work station(s?) in two boxes.  It looks to me that there must be a die box not just for the reverses but also for the obverses.  Both obverse and reverse dies pair on average with 2.3 different dies.

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