Semo Sancus

I fell down another rabbit hole thinking about the gods of Tiber Island, because of Veiovis thing: Jupiter Iurarius and Semo Sancus.

Here are some images for future reference


There is some dispute about whether the statue (now in the Vatican and over restored) was found on Quirinal OR on the Tiber Island.  I’ve not tracked down (yet) the details referenced in the Wikipedia page, but Amanda Claridge is rarely wrong….

The inscription shown as its base (do they really go together? were they really found together?) in the drawing is now in Naples.  Would be worth taking some measurements…

The biggest point to realize is that the literary sources that talk about Jupiter on the island are unlikely to be ‘really’ talking about Veovis, because of the discovery of CIL 6, 379!

The only real evidence of for a temple of Veovis on the island is the Praenestine Fasti, Jan 1.

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