Personification of Omonoia

[Concordia, Harmony, Concord, etc…]


Quoting from CNG catalogue:

“SICILY, the Krimissan Alliance. Circa 320 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.72 gm). OMONOIA, laureate female head (Homonoia or Concordia) right / KIMISS-AIWN, flaming horned altar, garlanded, with branches at sides. Jameson 559; Basel 346 (same dies); discussed by A.J. Evans, “On an Alliance Coin of Western Sicily, with the Altar of the Krimissos,” NumChron 1896, pg.140-143. … Evans suggests that this coin depicts an altar near the Krimissos river and the alliance (Homonoia) between two or more cities of the region, probably Segesta and Panormos.”

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