Cato coin…

That Cato?!  really?! Why am I only learning about this now?


“SICILY, Panormos. Circa 208-180 BC. Æ (22mm, 5.40 g, 12h). Cato, quaestor. Laureate head of Zeus left / Warrior standing left, holding phiale and spear; CATO and monogram to left, shield to right. BAR Issue 12; CNS 129; HGC 2, 1071.”

Does the monogram resolve as PANORM… in Greek?  I’m not confident on this.

There just aren’t that many Catos and finding one doing something in Sicily really only leaves Cato the Elder:

From DPRR where you can check my research.

I’m just so excited to think Cato the Elder made a coin and stuck his name on it… Seems to good to be true.

The same type with same monogram and different Romans are also known:





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