RRC 365 and 366, Hoard Evidence

Thinking about the possible relationship of these two issues (RRC 365 and 366) as hypothesized by Crawford to both be struck to support Sulla’s move against Sertorius…

Hoards containing both closing before 70 BCE (excluding Romania)


those containing Flaccus’ issue (again excluding Romania and closing by 70 BCE):


Those containing Annius’ issue (again excluding Eastern finds and closing by 70 BCE):


Will want to come back to this and plot using dots that symbolize no. of Coins of each issue.  And check hoard lists etc.

Just another preliminary thought-experiment in my planning about how to make use of RRDP data.

When I think more about Sertorius I want to return also to this specific hoard.

Vilaret I Monfort, Joan. “Una troballa numismàtica de l’època sertoriana a l’Empordà.” Acta Numismática 6 (1976): 47-60.


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