Aedilician Issues

I’m considering possible next case studies for the RRDP material.  Trying to think about what issues would be most useful to compare die counts.  This set is in the running…

likely 86 BCE, RRC 351/1 – Both Plebeian Aediles (imitates RRC 300/1 in design!) – under Cinna’s regime – Ceres/subsellium

likely 84 BCE, RRC 356/1 – one curule aedile – under Cinna’s regimeCybele/curule chair

likely 69 BCE, RRC 406/1 – one curule aedile, SC – Vesta/sacrificial implements

likely 67 BCE, RRC 409/1-2 –both curule aediles, SC – composite deity/eagle and Cybele/curule chair

certain in 58 BCE, RRC 422/1–both curule aediles, SCcamel and supplicant / Jupiter, scorpion, historic legend RE Privernum


certain in 55 BCE, RRC 431/1 – one curule aedile – Cybele/camel and supplicant

certain in 55 BCE, RRC 432/1 – one curule aedile – Diana/goat

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