Goddess of What?! Fun Vocab

Venus Cloacina or Venus of the Sewer, has appeared on this blog before.

CRRO refs to different types with relevant reverse.




This specimen got me thinking in a prurient way about what fun it might be to explore ancient uses of cloaca and its modern usages.


I’ve an immoderate interest in chicken sex which is called the cloacal kiss.


I blame my interest on the bad influence of Roman intaglios which regularly show this act (which the intertubes tell me are pretty realistic representations):


In anatomy cloaca means one hole out of which everything comes, both digestive waste and reproductive products….


Which leads to this relatively common non-normative anatomical development that is usually corrected by surgery in humans:


What Greek and Latin Roots student wouldn’t want this lesson?!

I thank a colleague on twitter for adding this comicto my list of modern uses of the term.

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