Did Romans love Herodotus?

That was my first thought upon seeing this Berlin glass paste (it has one more illustrated friend in the same collection).


BUT then I remembered this passage of Hyginus’ Fabulae


Cleops and Bitias (Kleobis and Biton) are here co-opted as symbols of filial piety on par or even exceeding the Aeneas and the Catana brothers.

1 thought on “Did Romans love Herodotus?”

  1. RE: “Did Romans love Herodotus?”

    Dear Professor Yarrow,
    Thanks for your blog, oodles of brain noodles.
    I found it while searching for more information about Hyginus, and was delighted to find the “Berlin glass paste” showing Kleobis and Biton (as well as the “Catana Boys”, about whom I was dismally ignorant).
    Could you please tell me more about the showing Kleobis and Biton piece and the source of your photo?
    Since I am in Berlin, perhaps I could track it down and get a better photo. If it is still there.
    Greetings, David John

    email: my.favourite.planet@gmail.com

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