Temple of Jupiter Feretrius

Update 11/21/22:

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Withycombe, Lily. “The temple dedicated to Jupiter Feretrius on the Capitoline Hill.” In Ruin or renewal ? : places and the transformation of memory in the city of Rome, Edited by García Morcillo, Marta, Richardson, James H. and Santangelo, Federico., 157-182. Roma: Quasar, 2016. [ILL requested]

Linda Zollschan (2012) makes the case that Volteius’ Jupiter temple coin (RRC 385/1, 75 BCE) does NOT represent the Capitoline Temple, but the temple of Feretrius which is also on RRC 439/1 (50 BCE).

I have some unresolved questions, but I’m intrigued by the theory.

Zollschan doesn’t directly address Livy’s assertion that the Capitoline Games honor Jupiter Optimus Maximus (5.50), but favors association of the games with Feretrius on the basis of Tertullian, on spectacles preserving a fragment of Piso.

She doesn’t resolve the apparent reduplication of effort if BOTH the college of the Capitolini and the Fetiales having a role in putting on these ludi.  (Not that this matters for the coin image identification.)

Also on the Volteius coin there are clearly three cella doors. The temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, also has cellas for Minerva and Juno, not so Feretrius’ shrine as far as we know.  It is this that makes me lean away from her hypothesis re: the coin.

Scan of Relevant Pages on Coin Discussion

L. Zollschan (2012) ‘The Longevity of the Fetial College’, in O. Tellegen-Couperus, Law and Religion in the Roman Republic, Leiden-Boston, pp. 119-144.

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