Ship Intaglios

BM 1814,0704.2680 – The rendering of this ship shares much with the coinage of Fronteius c. 114-113 BCE (290/1) and the ship on Lutatius’ coin of c. 109-8 BCC (305/1).  Earlier posts (1 and 2).  The style of the aplustre is key.  The major different is the raised deck behind the prow stem.  On the republican coins it tends to have a triangular top instead of being a flat (pi-like) structure.

Convex round black glass paste intaglio: oared ship moving to right.

Most of the other BM glass pastes with ships show either later military ships (see below) or mercantile ships or ships symbolic of fortune.

BM 1814,0704.2261: Cataloguing of Glass Pastes is often in exact, but I giggled out loud when I read this identified as “two oared ships with a bird and an incense-burner on board.”  Hello, Legionary Standards.  More people really need to study numismatics.

Oval pale blue glass paste intaglio: two oared ships with a bird and an incense-burner on board.

BM 1814,0704.2251 – Ditto above.

Oval dark brown glass paste intaglio: ship with a bird and incense-burners on board.

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