Oxford Aes Grave

I got a quick look at the cast coin drawers at the Ashmolean ahead of Fleur Kemmers great CNG lecture.

My goal here is just to get the snapshots up for future reference. They are not yet up online in the Oxford collection database (harder to photograph than struck coins). This gallery should have one side of each specimen in no particular order, exclude some on display. The (so-called) aes signatum is just a teaching cast of the BM currency bar of this type. That tray with the bar is of teaching specimens so correspond to some of “E” tickets in the trays.

Below is one of the professional photographs already done of one specimen on display. Rather lovely!

It will be glorious once they are all so photographed! I’m very grateful to Chris Howgego for his spontaneous willingness to let me grab these images and share them.

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