Thorvaldsen’s Coins?

RRC 35/1 and RRC 290/2

This is a page out of the 1993 museum catalogue suggests a pretty rich collection. (There are other Greek coin pages, but these are the one’s that interested me most.) There are no ancient coins digitized online (YET!, It would be amazing if they ever joined IKMK), but they do have up two images of trays of casts as well as any number of drawings of coins. Among which was this v pretty drawing of Julius Caesar brockage (RRC 480/5, E1452)

These are described in the catalogue entries (L491 and L492) as casts of Roman imperial coins in sulfur. At first I was suspicious that something so pretty could be a cast…

But then I found out about Smyth’s casts! I would love to hold one of these to see what it felt like in the hand and if they would be robust enough for teaching demos…

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