Numishare to Google Earth

How to make fun maps about coins!

Find a numishare website to suit your taste (CRRO, OCRE, HRO, CHRR, IGCH, IRIS, Tokens…)

Search something you find interesting My question here is: What mints used Heracles iconography before Alexander the Great?

Take a quick look through your results to make sure they make sense and then look in the upper right hand corner and click under Geographic where it says KML. If you are in a database with both Findspots and Mints be sure to click the one you will find meaningful for your query.

Now you need to know where your computer hides downloaded files. Mine always puts them in … wait for it… the downloads file. Anyway, sorry about that. Yours might put it somewhere different.

Open Google earth in a new tab. Click on the icon that looks like a pointer on a flat surface, for me it is the fifth icon down on the left hand side. What you need is to get it to open up to give you that new project button.

One you have option click Import KML file from computer.

Select your file and click open

Instantaneously you will have your map and be able to select and edit the data and add more to suit your needs:

Once you save this project you can even import more KML files to the same projects from other search results.

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