87 of 234: Speaking Engagements

If you are an ANS member (or could be convinced to become one) you could join me live today.

This is a recap of my Rome presentation back in February.

YouTube link. (added 4-3-23)

Next week I’m at Lafayette College (Easton, PA). I don’t think this one is live streamed or recorded but it is Public. I’m hoping that I can share PDFs of the final panels from the installation of the exhibit next week. I’m just so proud of the student work to make this exhibit.

Self Accountability Section

No smelting for me this weekend. I didn’t get on the logistics early enough in the week. Avoidance has consequences (just ask Jonah!). I’m making progress on my prosopographical work as you may have noticed on the blog here (Norbanus, Censorinus, Lentulus), but I want to circle back to Gratidianus, and there are a few other characters from the time period that need attention. I also need to figure out if I’m doing more with the hoards or not (that involves asking another human for something, which I am noticing is not always my strong suit). I might play with some metrological data on the denarii of the 80s later today. That type of spreadsheet and data visualization work always makes me happy and it would be useful for a colleague. I like being useful to others. Maybe I should assume others feel the same when I ask stuff?! I said yes to a conference in October, big pros include great line up and no need to get on an airplane, only con is pre-ciculated papers, a very productive format but one the involves much more work up front. I need to work on UK logistics and means probably scrounging up more money and that also involves ask other humans for things, clearly again a point of avoidance. Gotta notice those patterns and keep pushing myself to grow.

I learned to write by holding myself accountable on this blog last sabbatical, maybe I can learn some other useful professional skills via this blog again this sabbatical.

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