38 out of 234 days: Rome Prep

I finished, at least for now, my slides for the conference. It might be a little long but I think I can get through it. I’m not scripting. This feels dangerous and delightful. I want to know my material and speak in an easy conversational style. I’m the fourth speaker on the first day full day (11 am local time next Friday.) To pull off the speaking style I want and make it make sense sans script I will need to be as hyped about the material as I am at the moment. That will take some serious time in in my hotel room the night before and the morning of. BUT I still have the better part of three days in Rome to see stuff. These are the best conference organizers ever: they are flying us in early so we can get over jetlag. So what to see! I have a habit of just seeing my old favorites again and again (I always have new eyes for the stuff.) But I want to make the most of this.

Ideas to break my old habits

Nemi site and museum

2-3 hours by public transport (four transfers: tram, subway, train, bus) or 1-2 hours by taxi (€ 67.30 there plus 27 for every hour I want them to wait plus € 67.30 back, oof!) – this is why I wish my beloved was coming with me to drive me about, I’m so spoiled, and that area is one of which I have very fond memories with him of past travels.

Museo della Civiltà Romana

closed for restoration. dammit.

Mausoleum of Augustus

closed for restoration. arrgggggg.

Tomb of the Scipios

Requires group reservation or reservation to join an individual group on a specific date. This trip not possible but link to what is possible when is useful for future.

Museo dei Fori Imperiali & Mercati di Traiano

Not as high on my list as other things, but it looks like it has changed a great deal since my last visit so perhaps a good stop.

Domus Aurea

Only by guided tour F, Sa, Su. Could probably make 5 pm Sat tour. 10 slots remaining.

To be continued.

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