A Pre 1986 Aes Signatum Hoard

As reported in Triton I, lot 754:

“…. This bar, superior in condition to both, is part of a hoard found between Rome and Naples. Of all 8 issues of Aes Signatum, only 31 examples were known, most in museums. This hoard added 6 or 7 more; its contents is as follows:

1) Elephant/Sow, Crawford 9/1 (not yet published) [NB: There was a bar of this type (illustrated) known to Thurlow and Vecchi by 1979 that weighed 1536g.]

2) Anchor/Tripod, Crawford 10/1, 1645 grams (Leu Auktion 42, lot 34)

3) Chickens/Tridents, Crawford 12/1, 1487 grams (Leu Auktion 42, lot 35)

4) Chickens/Tridents, Crawford 12/1, 1650 grams (NAC Sale 9, lot 410)

5) Chickens/Tridents, Crawford 12/1, 1145 grams (Athena Sale 2, lot 247; NAC Sale 5, lot 205) [illustrated as Vecchi 2014 no. 24 on pl. 19]

6) Chickens/Tridents, Crawford 12/1, 1461 grams (this specimen)

7) Unknown issue.

150 Aes Graves were found in this hoard, all Crawford issue 14, many of the Triens. 6 or 7 ingots roughly equalled them in total weight.

This implies that Crawford issue 14 is contemporary with the Aes Signatum.

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