Triumviral Regal(ish?) imagery

What’s up with the filleted scepter on Antony’s ship series ? Cleopatra’s ships?

NAC 78, lot 775 (provenance and current whereabouts unknown to me) illustrating RRC 543/1. Note Cleopatra’s regal titulature and the tiara behind Antony.
RRC 539/1 – tiara as regal symbol of defeated enemy
RRC 540 – IRL temple obscures Regia, thus visually replacing it from the perspective of the Roman Forum, but even though temple functions that way, coin does not invoke that same symbolic action.

RRC 494/3 – Aeneas

RRC 494/42-43 – Cloacina perhaps evokes Tarquin or Tatius legends?! esp the latter when paired with Concordia?

Do the fasces and curule chairs disappear in the Augustan era iconography because they recall regal power (esp. given the lack of Collegiality in the dictatorship)?! Cf. RRC 497/2

Is libertas always anti Regal? (And why do we assume veiled heads are libertas when not labeled as such on the obverse?! cf. RRC 502/1-3)

RRC 505/3 – diadem

RRC 507/2 – broken scepter but what precisely is victory doing with the diadem?

To what degree is putting one’s own head or the head of one’s living leader on a coin a regal move in the eyes of a Roman audience? I lean away from the significance given prevalence in the civil war post ides period.

Unfinished post…

RPC 1 1775

Cf. posthumous tetradrachms of Philip

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