Potential allusions to kingship on Augustan coinage

Refs to Foreign Kings (maybe)

Surrender of children imagery. RIC I2 Augustus 200, 201A and 201B,

Kneeling Parthian. RIC I2 Augustus 287-289, 304, 314 (with diademed Herucles restoration reverse), 315

Kneeling Armenian. RIC I2 Augustus 290-292, 305-306

Armenian Standing with Tiara. RIC I (second edition) Augustus 307 (Cf. 514 (victory slaying bull), 515-517 tiara and case, 518-520 standing no tiara)

kneeling (generic?) barbarian 416

Possible Refs to Roman Kings

Tarpeia (299) implies world of roman kings? Ditto Foedus Gabinium types (363-364, 411).

Cn. Piso’s Numa bronzes (390-396) from c. 16-15 BCE.

Do plowing foundation scenes always imply kingship?! or a regal type act? (cf. 402 but also other earlier)

No wolf and twins? No wolf at all? No Aeneas in the post republican period?

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