Subtype of RRC 501/1 with Lyre Key?

McCabe Specimen

Most specimens look like the one below with a blank field above the plectum, but a few including the one above seem to maybe have a tuning key.

In trade

Those with the tuning key may be

Schaefer Dies

AP = VE 39, not 1252

O = McCabe specimen above

Just possible also on AE but not clear from images

Looking over the Schaefer binders it seems like the die engravers didn’t like the blank space above a short plectum and kept trying to make it longer and on just a couple dies that plectum extension transforms into a lyre key. I don’t ascribe any particular meaning to this variation, just an interesting feature.

I am indebted to D. Levinson, @Ancientlyric, and James Lloyd for helping educate me on tuning keys.

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