A “Restoration” Type

Some colleagues asked if I had something to say about kings on coins after 44 BCE. I have lots to say pre 44 BCE on that topic but I’m trying to work out if I have anything worth saying in print on the evolution and what parameters I might put on such an essay. Hence if you see me posting about stuff later than I usually do that why. Just in the pre-writing survey stages.

I wish the type below was in the footnotes of my book as it is lovely illustration of how aware elite families are of their earlier coin types. This one imitates RRC 401/1.

ANS specimen

Update 10-10-22:

Notice the posture similarity to this restoration type and the earlier coin type. (Louvre)
Another Campana plate (Louvre); here it is Penthesilea and Achilles where as above it is two Amazons
RIC I2 Augustus 310

larger fragment (Louvre)

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